Our Mission


Earth Day 2015 -The 45th Anniversary : The 5th Annual Earth Day San Francisco (EDSF), part of the 45th anniversary of Earth Day International, will be held on Saturday April 18Th at 22nd street between MISSION and VALENCIA  in  San Francisco . While some progress has been made in the past four decades towards creating environmental awareness and action, today the issues are more urgent then ever, as evidenced by critical threats such as climate change, species extinction and the growing toxic threat of chemicals all around us.


This year’s festival is designed to bring together leading members of the green, sustainable business, eco- activist movement to co-create a vision of how we can better address and find positive solutions for the multitude of environmental issues we face. Speakers, workshop leaders, nonprofit organizations, businesses, indigenous community leaders, civic agencies, musicians, and youth empowerment groups are invited to use this high-profile event to educate and activate the public to energetically pursue effective green solutions to pressing environmental issues.


EDSF is dedicated to providing the tools and inspiration to bring together our diverse communities as one voice. This festival serves as a spring board for individual and group actions as well as long-term strategic planning.  This year’s festival includes some of the most prominent green educators and organizers in the country, as well as a host of powerful musicians... together we seek to encourage the public to actively pursue Earth-friendly solutions and to empower the sustainability movement to grow and thrive worldwide.

Earth Day History :

In 1970 Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson got the idea for the first Earth Day while reading about the student antiwar movement and “teach ins". He was returning from touring the damage of the Santa Barbara oil spill, and thought that tapping into local community concerns would be the way to advance an environmental agenda in Washington, D.C.  An estimated 20 million Americans participated in the first Earth Day and a new movement was launched.  The event was so successful that environmentalism was embraced by both parties in Washington D.C. Cornerstone environmental laws such as the Endangered Species Act, the National Environmental Policy Act and the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts were all passed in the 1970s as a result of the popularity and efforts of early Earth Day supporters.


The day dedicated to "mother earth" was innaugarated on April, 22, 1970, and is credited as launching the modern environmental movement.  Since its inception, Earth Day has enlisted the universal support of every country on the planet and is recognized as the largest social activist gathering on Earth--since its creation billions of people have participated in Earth Day activities. Our goal this year is to make our pledge "One Billion Acts Of Green" a reality! You can do your part by actively supporting Earth Day 2015.

EDSF & The 45th Anniversary of EarthDay:

This year promises to be not only the largest celebration on the west coast , but also the most impactful.  Prominent Speakers and Activist from around the globe will assemble around a wide range of environmental topics , offering education, inspiration, and solutions. Workshop leaders and experts innovators will lead classes, provide demos and DI Y presentations . The event hosts multiple stages featuring live music, keynote speakers, art, dance and education. Other attractions include our vendor and crafters village,  the latest in Eco Fashion, Healthy cuisine and our Sustainable Chef Showcase, Clean energy zone , Green tech pavilion , Youth Empowerment & Family Zone, Permaculture village, Non Profit action area, Eco kids carnival and much more. In support of Earth Day's 45th Anniversary EDSF will also be hosting The 350.org produced "Climate ChangeParade" uniting thousands of  climate change supporters  from all over the country.

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