Earth Day for Kids ~ Kid Zone


AcroSports a non-profit organization serves over 2,500 children, youth, and adults a week through a series of year-round Community Outreach programs.

AcroSports Community Outreach programs engage students from the greater Bay Area in age-appropriate, skill-based classes tailored to all levels of experience and ability. Our goals are to help each student reach his or her highest potential through non-competitive physical training in a safe, positive environment; to encourage teamwork; and to build the students self-esteem.

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Timeless, divine and eternal, the is inspired by Spirit The Spirit in each of us that gives rise to our own beauty. With this we can weave a life full of miracles for all.

Made of earth elements, the Earth Peace Mandalas become a sacred dedication to all of life and gives in to the creative expression we all possess. Participation is what makes this co-creation alive and potent. It is an invitation to celebrate life and beauty and at the same time is a prayer for Planetary Healing.

is a national coalition of educators and entertainers who tour the country in a fleet of renewable fuel vehicles to empower communities and individuals to utilize sustainable living strategies for a healthier planet.