Earth Day for Kids ~ Kid Zone


Welcome to the Earth Day S.F. Eco Kids Zone !

This educational and fun creativity zone is packed full with activities for all ages!

Gala Solar Powered Wagon Show

Dr. Solar is the GREENEST ACT available today. A proud participant of THE GREENEST SHOW ON EARTH. His self-contained 6' X 18' solar powered portable traveling family entertainment experience is a eco-friendly portable traveling family entertainment experience solar powered gypsy wagon affair that would make P.T. Barnum drool and features an Eco-Themed interactive show.



Living Earth Structures

Cob as a sculptural medium is realized when Miguel Elliot of Living Earth Structures is at the helm.  Miguel is

an artisan and builder who offers cob construction services and workshops. Creating whimsical structures, ovens,

cob saunas, and sculpture.  I was particularly impressed to see Miguel’s work in an urban setting at the

Butterfly Social Club, in Chicago, IL.  Miguel transformed a night club with lively cob sculpture. If you're ever in

need of some inspiration stroll over to Miguel’s workshop!

Mission is to actively engage young imaginations & spark creativity through playful, magical experiences.
  • INTERACTIVE ENTERTAINMENT - Face Painting & Custom Party Packages
  • KIDZ AREAS & VILLAGES - Arts & Crafts, Face Painting & Circus Play Zones
  • PERFORMING ARTS EDUCATION - Classes & Playshops

Kandice Korves-Kaus and the Holsitic Hooping team are  inspirational

visionary pioneers. They have been spiritual hoop warriors of the modern

hoopdance community since its’ inception. For the past 9 years, they have

performed and taught internationally, nationally and locally in Northern

California, where Kandice currently resides with her husband and partner

Andrew Kaus.  Together they have created a Holistic Hoopologist -

researching and studying the hoops’ holistic potential for increased health,

wellness, and spiritual growth.